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Loki, you’re my hero. 

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if you ship bruce banner/tony stark you should call it rage against the machine

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  • Charlie: Why aren't we avengers too? We should be. So we can be friends with them.
  • Ky: Let's be heroes. NAMES AND POWERS GO!
  • Charlie: We will be the duo - fanboy and fangirl, with the powers of extreme fandom and nerdiness.
  • Ky: It is done. We are now the cheerleaders for their battles... And fetch them Shawarma for victory meals.
  • Charlie: flawless! This should definitely get us into the next movie
  • Ky: Or we'll end up like Ant-man and the wasp. Sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the Avengers bus.
  • Ky: ...Daz okay doe. Our cheers can be heard from anywhere on earth.
  • Ky: They'll know...They'll know.
  • Charlie: That's part of our powers...
  • Charlie: Super cheers, I like to call them.


I absolutely adore how offended Thor looks in the first one: “you dare hit Thor with so puny a headbutt?! I’ll show you a real headbutt. BAM!”

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Concept Art by Ryan Meinerding


you needed to kill me but you can’t! i know, i’ve tried.

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